Everyday Voice Professionals

Voice disorders can be difficult for anyone. Worse, for people who earn their living with their voices, problems with vocal function can interrupt livelihoods and end careers. But for top voice professionals — opera singers, pop vocalists, rock stars, actors, stage performers, radio personalities, television news anchors and others — the stakes are even higher.

Performers put unusual demands & strains on their voices.

Performers like these often have much more riding on their voices, from entire tours and stage productions to other people’s livelihoods. They subject their voices to greater strains and place greater demands on their vocal function. They hit higher pitches or lower pitches. They need greater sustain. Their voices must project. They may need to growl or scream or shriek. And they need to do these things day after day.

Professional voices require the highest standard of care.

Ultimately, top voice professionals are more susceptible to vocal problems. Also, if they need treatment, they’ll need to return to full vocal function afterward. They’ll need to retain their vocal skills and be able to endure the unusual strains. And they’ll need to continue to sound like themselves, retaining the tone and characteristics that make their voices unique.

Trust unsurpassed training, skills & capabilities.

At The Center For Voice & Swallowing Services, Dr. Andre L. Reed provides among the region’s most specialized and capable care for the professional voice. A Johns Hopkins-trained Neurolaryngologist, Dr. Reed not only specializes in the larynx (voice box) but also has advanced understanding and skills concerning the neurological aspects of vocal function. In addition, he is a former researcher at the National Institutes of Health and a current lead researcher for The National Center For Voice & Speech.

The advanced, conservative care voice professionals require.

Dr. Reed’s capabilities include the most advanced diagnostic tools and state-of-the-art treatment techniques. He is an exceptionally well-trained laryngeal surgeon, but he believes surgery should always be the last option. With Dr. Reed, voice pros also have easy onsite access to professional voice therapists who specialize in a wide variety of specific vocal-function needs. Because, of all their vocal needs, voice performers need excellent results above all else.

For complete, highly specialized and unsurpassed voice care, call today: (303) 781-0404.